Friday, 15th November 2019

A Line of Deathless Kings

A Line of Deathless Kings

To Remain Tombless

The weary creak of my bones
Exhausted voice, deathly tones
Arms of lead, skin drawn tight
No long a princely sight
Face is gaunt, pale and thin
Bent and grey and full of sin

Pass to me
Wine and song
For I'll be
Soon long gone

Cast me down, upon the dust
My dry bones remain tombless
From my life, a rose is grown
Rains they come. The winds

Winter haunts me
Nowhere to flee

Take me back. Young was I
Within her arms we could fly
Grey am I, and all alone
I feel like I'm far from home

Grace has fled here
But He is so near
In shadows lie
My hopes of life

Black wings fold me
In their symphony
Long the winter nights are
Grace is so far

Leaves they fall in time
Drifting down in time
Darkness comes, right on time

Desend upon me
Wings from above
Goodbye to lie
Farewell my loves.

L'Amour Detruit

The honey of romance, so
sweet for us
Through swaying grass we
run in arms, just us
The honey of romance, our
treat to us
These arms I fold around you.
It's just us.

Your charms so rare
My flesh laid bare
In arms we dare

I will kiss her mouth and her
dark eyes
Lose myself freely in her dark
Fall right through her soul,
her mind, her skies

Our limbs entwined
Then comes our minds
It's hope we find

The red lips of her mouth
they call to me

Her mind is mine
Her flesh my kind
Warm, soft, smooth, mine!

I lack for naught
Her mind welcomes my

Entering the dark, so close,
We drift away to nothing
And no-one will find

Within our arms we sleep
I pull her close to me, near me,
into me.

I Cannot Be Loved

Lover put a knife in my hand
Lay down right there, that's
my command
Do as I say in this blood play
Claw at my skin, I'll let you
Caress your flesh. Burns like
Rosey, sweet breath, and your

Your skin is all I want to take
from you
Your mind is naught unto me,
I'll leave behind

Bound together
The darkest embrace
Bound forever
We will be chaste

I paw at you golden flesh
Golden breast
I sail on your, on your sea
Of ecstasy.

God, I want you. Just be mine
Because you haunt me all the

Your pain, it talks to me
Your pain, it really talks to me

Your pain, it talks to me and I
heed it well
My hands, your neck, they
greet each well in a loving hell
This hold we have can't last
because it's killing me
Farewell my love. Please walk
away and take away my pain.

And I Walk With Them

A Serpent it came to me
Right before my eyes
I looked to God way above me
He looked down at my lies

I said "oh Lord please help me
I am on my knees"
"Your path is yours" he told me
"Yours to reap"

A mighty wind did pull me
Tore at my face
My flesh is raped at his hand
I am the world's disgrace

The Heaven opened above
And down Gods tears came
Lashing away at my skin
My stinking, rotten frame

I though I'd fought the
demons that roamed above me
I thought I'd slew their blood
red hands
Their hearts still beat with all
the hatred for me
Their mark still burns into my
very soul
And I walk with them.
They're shadowing my soul.

Thy Raven Wings

In fiery flight we would leave
this hall
The Holy house, House of
God will fall
To death they go with music
and song
But our dread simply must
go on

I feel our need to feed goes on
For our greed, watch them
bleeding on
This hour's ours, with open
arms go on

Crowned with thorns and pain
was he
Raised our hands and slew
him utterly
Crimson waves of the tears
of war
This is what we were put
here for

Eden falls, Mercy for life
I hear their calls
Stood and watched them die
Heaven crawls. Wings burn
on high
Beauty falls. Beg unto me

Fold thy raven wings
'Tis our duty, darkness brings
If this day be our last
Our victims await
For they are vast

In fiery death we will crawl
Content we lived for each and
every day
Black and burned with a
stench of decay.

Love's Intolerable Pain

Denial of our shadow side
Will often cause it to rise up
Against us

That he does not need to die
Allows his mind to soar
To fly

What if love's intolerable pain
never leaves?
What will your life's mark
leave upon this world?
What now, will my dark craft
do with your body now?
We walk as Gods together
through a fiery dawn
What if you love someone you
know you shouldn't love?
What will your dying father's
last words to you be?
What now, the painting of
young lovers is complete?

What if love's intolerable pain
never leaves us?
Do we dash our bleeding
hearts on the rocks of
And cry unto the lords above
who turn away in haste?

From the heart
Heart of snow
Comes the ice
It's crushing blow
From the soul
Whose love is sound
Comes the cold
It's frozen ground.

One of Beauty's Daughters

Your name will walk the years
of shame
Your hands, my face, the look,
the taste

To gaze how fondly on thy
beautiful face
To fold thee in my great arms,
my dark embrace

In my arms I comforted her,
and she looked up at me
Weep did she and tried to
escape. My mind she did read
I held her face in my hands
and winked my eye
Whispering into her ear "now
your mine"

Her eyes, her cries, my
thoughts, she dies
Walk away, she can try, and if
she does, she dies.

Deeper Down

An unfortunate journey
Through a bleak sea of
I carved through the waves
of grief
In a black vastness of self

I have never felt so alone
So pitiful and wretched
and low
I'm tried by a terrible wind
The misery and the pains

Fill my vast sails of ruin
Steer me toward a bleak end
A horizon of purples and
The still waters of my
welcome end

The clouds of grey come
A storm will hunt me down
And rip the guts out of my
That I would surely drown

The unforgiving wind
And lashes me like a whip
The self-pity overwhelms me
My heart sinks like a ship

Thrashing out at torment
and pain
The maddened sea engulfs
I let myself be swallowed up
The magnificent weight
upon me

Deeper I go, deeper down
Didn't think it could get any
The cold bites, the pressure
I think I no longer matter

Can't tell if my eyes are open
or closed
The grieving waters swallow
The pain I'm in through my
life of sin
The Devil will doubtless

Loneliness is agony
For those of you who know
A war of grief and sadness
Through mind, body and

When lovers die and
friendships fade
When kin all lie forgotten
The gates of agony spew
Your memories, stinking
and rotten

So deep now I feel so numb
I'm ravaged by utter loss
The guilt, the grief, the
astounding pain
My body, they all will wash

I hope I ne'er return to life
Oh, Christ just let me go
Let death devour my Simple
Lest my misery grow

I quietly leave. A lonely sight
Relieved of all my guilt
To join a wall of deepest
The Devil himself has built.

The Blood, The Wine, The Roses

Everyone knows her.
knows her name.
Deadly Siren, that's her
They want to be near
her. Playing her game
Get to know her. What's
her name?
She strides amoung us
with a burning fire. Her
victims endless, piling
And I run along with
them, the heaving mass,
fighting anyone to get

I want her fire, her
burning fire, her dark
caress, her red hot kiss
I want desire, her
roaring fire, from milk
white breast to raven
I want her nights,
morning light, her
endless days, amazing

I'm on her trail every
single day
Ahead, she glides, I
stumble blindly in her

I witnessed lovers torn
by her. Teary maidens
killing her
You'll never be lovers
when she's in town
because in her eyes, we
all drown
Broken-hearted, we leap
to God, and die like
lovers everyone forgot

I tremble when she
passes by. Lord make
her mine or let me die
She looked at me. Her
eyes! her eyes!
They drew me in. Her
sin! Her lies!

I see my final night
Glory, what a sight!
The blood, the wine, the
And me all snowy white

Her hands on me, it's
ecstasy. It's Heavenly, it's
God I see
I risk a kiss. One kiss
One kiss!
I knew from then my life
had died

Hold me now my father
Now my days are done
I would do it all again
Because she was the one

Torment me you fucking
I'll seek you once I rise
Look behind. I will
slay your worthless
blackend soul.

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