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Chilean Fans

Monday, 08 April 2013

Chile: There will be a meet & greet at the festival so keep your eyes open for times!

News For Argentina

Saturday, 06 April 2013

"To all fans: we are trying to organize a meeting with the band after the show so you can have stuff signed and photos if you want to. Waiting for confirmation from the venue. Hopefully we will be able to confirm soon."


Saturday, 06 April 2013


April 13th and 14th

Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile

Raised as a natural response to the passion of thousands of headbangers, The Metal Fest became a reality in Chile for the first time in 2012, with acts like Anthrax, Testament, Blind Guardian and over 25 bands, in an historic episode for all the metal legions in South America.

Two days of music were enough to prove that metal is still alive and stronger than ever at this corner of the world. The most recognized names in the metal scene shared the stage with local bands who are giving their first steps, and everyone who assisted, lived the experience of the biggest metal meeting ever seen in this territory.

Now, we are facing the second version, with over 30 bands in 2 days of pure metal madness O’Higgins Park, in the heart of the city of Santiago. The legends of metal and the new bands, all together writing a new episode in the history of this genre, will gather for this unique celebration.

And this time, along with the two days of festival, we will have a special event the night before, as an opening for the ceremony. Leaded by the legendary band Accept, with tons of their classic metal anthems and their new album “Stalingrad”, the german band will return to give us all the power we can receive, and to experience the most of this Metal Fest.

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All hail brazilian fans...

Saturday, 06 April 2013

Anybody not completely devastated to the point of mental insanity by  the end of the gig, will have the opportunity to meet the band after the show for an impromptu photographs and signing of anything you care to have signed. So see you all at the merch stall 30 minutes after the show. Bring pens!!!


Wednesday, 03 April 2013

It appears that one of the comments made in the last statement may have been misinterpreted as a threat of some sort. The band can assure all involved it is not meant as such. It is simply a basic fact of time and economics and they thought that under the circumstances it may need pointing out, to explain further it has taken My Dying Bride 23 years to be offered a show in Argentina that they could all get to at the same time, one which they gladly took as a great opportunity to play another country and one with such passionate fans too. Even with this in mind and with no other exceptional circumstances My Dying Bride will not play there again simply due to the time they have to take to play it vs the amount of offers we receive. My Dying Bride are a semi-professional band, not a full time “sing for our supper” band so each gig is weighed up in time as well as any costs, which are many. The band explain there are events that take place behind the social media haze and to please be aware of that when commenting on the circumstances as not all of the facts are made public. They also stress that they have no such policy and never will blacklist a country an insane concept at best. Again they apologize for any misunderstanding and regardless of the circumstances are genuinely looking forward to playing in Argentina.