Thursday, 17th August 2017

2016 Feel The Misery Tour Dates Announced

2016 Tour Dates Announced Wednesday, 25 November 2015

These are the main European Tour Dates we will be embarking on, but please click the Concerts link above for more dates not linked to this tour.

Tribute to our friend Adrian Rugina.

Wednesday, 04 November 2015

We are deeply saddened and shocked to hear that our friend and fellow musician Adrian Rugina died in the Bucharest nightclub fire last Friday. He was a kind and courageous man and no words can really describe the feeling of loss right now.

Our thoughts and deepest condolences to his family on what can only be described as a true tragedy.

He lived as a Heavy Metal Warrior and died as he lived, always helping others, a true hero!


News just in of a manufacturing mix up

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

See below for full details and how to check if you have the what is ultimately now an extremely rare CD pressing.

The band are stunned that such an error can occur, and can only apologise on behalf of Peaceville Records for this mix up.

Those wishing to have a their cd (only) replaced please follow the link above.

Ironically all of the great reviews and fantastic response to this album have been based on the “Review Master” pressing not the Bands Final Master, which features additional embellishments and greater production.

My Dying Bride.

Please contact Peaceville directly with any questions you might have: